Why has Knowit introduced a Whistleblowing service?

Knowit has opened up this service to create an opportunity to speak up about suspected corruption, irregularities and malpractice to protect the organization and the employees.

What role does the external partner Interactive Security play?

Interactive Security International handles all incoming cases and makes sure that the whistleblower can have the option to be anonymous and also feel secure and safe. Interactive Security does not investigate any cases further.

What help can I get before I leave my report?

You can always contact Interactive Security before you leave your report. If you are unsure how your case will be handled, Interactive Security can help you with your questions towards Knowit,

Who may use the service and make a report?

A report can be made by any employee of Knwit who has observed a suspicious act.

What can be reported?

A whistleblowing service is designed to detect serious irregularities. This may include bribery, corruption, fraud or forgery. It can also involve serious cases of safety hazards in the work environment or harassment/sexual harassment. If you are unsure whether your complaint is comprised of this, you can still send a report. However, it is not certain that the case is investigated further. The service must not be used to spread falsehood or make false accusations of any kind.

Who can be reported?

Under the Swedish Data Protection Act, a whistleblower service can only be used to notify incidents of people in manager- or key positions within the organization.

Who will investigate my case?

Joakim Pilborg or Christina Johansson of Knowit in consultation with Knowit CEO Per Wallentin. In the event where any of the above is subject to the case, they won´t be involved in the investigation, in those cases the investigations are conducted in consultation with Knowit´s Chairman of the Board.

Is there a risk that my contact details will be forwarded to Knowit?

Interactive Security have safe and secure procedures to make sure that your contact details and personal data will not be passed on to Knowit without your clear permission.

Can I be anonymous?

Of course you can be completely anonymous when you leave your report. We still recommend that you leave contact information to enable Interactive Security to contact you if we need more information and ask further questions about your report.

Can I find out the status of my case?

You can always contact Interactive Security who in turn will contact Knowit to get the status of your submitted case. However, it is important that you have your unique case number for Interactive Security to be able to help you.

How can I submit a report?

You can choose any of the following three options to submit a report.

  • Use the encrypted webform
  • Call Interactive Security Helpline, weekdays 08.00-16.30 on number +46 770-45 56 72.
  • Send a letter to the following address; Interactive Security, "Knowit", Norrgatan 10, 432 41 Varberg