Treatment of personal data within the whistleblower-function

Any personal data that a report may contain will be handled in the following manner. It is important that you understand how it works.

  • Responsibility for personal data: Knowit are responsible for all personal data in the Whistleblower-function. Address: Box 3383, 103 68 Stockholm, Phone number: +46 8-700 66 00. Contact person is Joakim Pilborg, E-mail:, Phone number: +46 730-74 66 37.
  • Purpose of data registration: The personal data registered in Whistleblower function is used to consider the report presented in the function and to examine whether targeted persons being involved in a crime or corruption or other serious irregularities.
  • What personal data will be recorded: The personal data we process is the information provided in the report, and any additional information that may be collected in order to conduct a proper investigation. The information may include name, position and an indication of suspected offense. All personal data will be deleted as soon as the case is closed.
  • Who will have access to my personal data: Knowit has limited permissions to access the data in Whistleblower function so that only Joakim Pilborg and Christina Johansson may access the data. This is only if they need the information to perform their work, dealing with complaints and lead investigations.
  • Right to records, etc. You may, once per calendar year, receive information of the personal data processed about you in the whistleblower function. If you want this information, you should send a written and signed request to Knowit. If your personal data is processed in violation of legislation, you may request that the personal data can be corrected, blocked or deleted.