Guidelines for Reporting Irregularities


To create an opportunity to call attention to irregularities in order to protect employees and the organization


On suspicion of irregularities


Have you seen anything at work that worries you? Have you discussed the issue with your closest manager? If you feel troubled by notifying the matter directly to your manager, you can instead use the Whistleblower-function and tell us about your problem. You can contact Interactive Security by webform, telephone or letter. It's free, easy to use and completely confidential.

Internal reporting

Step 1

If you suspect irregularities, you should, if possible, try to solve the problem with the line manager. This can be done in person, in writing or through incident reporting.

Please clarify from the beginning that you want the case to be handled confidentially so that the company can take appropriate action. If you have any personal interest in the matter it should also be stated.

Step 2

If you for any reason experience that it is not possible to raise the issue with your manager, the matter can be raised with the next manager in line. Knowit will examine the issue in order to assess what actions that should be taken.

In some cases, the investigation can be conducted by management, an external consultant or by means of disciplinary processes. If the individual so wishes, the meeting can be held offsite and with a colleague or representatives from the trade union present.  Knowit will provide as much feedback as possible to the person submitting the complaint report. However, please observe that Knowit will be unable to divulge the exact measures if the company is bound by confidentiality regarding another person or, because of legal or commercial reasons of sensitivity, is prevented from doing so.

External reporting

Knowit expects that in most cases it is more appropriate and reasonable to address these issues internally. External reporting can be conducted in those cases in which the individual has followed procedures for internal reporting and still suspects the continued occurrence of irregularities or where the individual determines that the issue cannot be raised internally regardless of the reason.

In the case of external reporting, Knowit has a whistleblower function where the individual(s) suspected of serious misconduct can be reported. By accessing the following Internet address,, the individual can report his or her suspicions safely and in confidence. The home page contains a form to fill out for reporting these issues. It is also possible to submit complaint reports by phone on number +46 770-45 56 72 (weekdays 08.00-16.30) or in writing to: Interactive Security International, "Knowit", Norrgatan 10, 432 41 Varberg, Sweden.

Submitted external reports are handled as followed;

  • A report is made by either using the encrypted webform on this home page, by telephone or in writing.
  • The information is written down by Interactive Security and sent to primarily Joakim Pilborg and secondly Christina Johansson
  • If necessary, a message is sent with the request for further information


For both the individual and Knowit, documentation is important throughout the process. The documentation is handled confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Act and based on the nature of the report. The documentation can be:

  • Copies of individual letters or notes of conversations that specifies the caracter of the report.
  • Reports by independent investigators
  • The organization's written responses including the measures taken and the reasons therefor
  • Protocols
  • Meeting notes